Boy Nobody


By Allen Zadoff
ISBN: 9781408337769
Published: September 2014*


Boy Nobody is the perennial new kid in school, the one few notice and nobody thinks much about. He shows up in a new high school, in a new town, under a new name, makes few friends and doesn't stay long. Just long enough for someone in his new friend's family to die -- of "natural causes."

Mission accomplished, Boy Nobody disappears, and moves on to the next target.

When Boy Nobody was just eleven, he discovered his own parents had died of not-so-natural causes. He soon found himself under the control of The Program, a shadowy government organization that uses brainwashed kids as counter-espionage operatives. But somewhere, deep inside Boy Nobody, is somebody: the boy he once was, the boy who wants normal things (like a real home, his parents back), a boy who wants out.

And he just might want those things badly enough to sabotage The Program's next mission.


Check out the sequel, THE MISSION, out in September 2014


* first published as BOY NOBODY in May 2013.

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0 # Amalie 2015-11-07 13:02
this book is a really great read, but the comments kind of ruined it for me because I found out what had happened before I even read the book. When you write a comment that is saying stuff about the book, at least write spoiler alert! Sorry to nag but this just gets on my nerves so much.
Anyway, this is a good read.
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+2 # Rebecca E 2014-10-12 20:15
Wow, what a gripping read. And only the first chapter! I found myself drawn in very quickly due to the fantastic descriptions and intriguing characters.

The first chapter introduces you to Boy Nobody (the main character) and his friend, Jack Wu, whose father is extremely rich. Their friendship seems strong with the way they interact with one another. That being said, Jack trusts Boy and sees him as a true friend, a title which shouldn't be taken lightly. After winning a baseball match, Jack invites Boy back to his home and that’s when things get… interesting. Tension and suspense is built throughout the last couple of paragraphs and you begin to see a whole new side to this seemingly ‘normal’ teenage boy. It leaves you wanting more.

This was page tuner through and through; such a unique story line and a likable main character. Highly recommended.
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0 # Lucy-May J 2014-10-12 20:06
The fist chapter of 'The Hit' leaves me wanting more. The narrator (who's name is unknown)is talking with is friend 'Jack Wu'.They then go to Jack's house which he refers it to 'The bank vault' due to the high security.This makes the reader wonder 'why do they have so much security?'When they enter the house they see Jack's father who we then learn is the CEO of a high-tech firm, Jack excuses himself to go to the bathroom and Jack's dad offers the 16 year old boy a drink which he agrees to.They go to the kitchen, the conversation drifts to another topic and the boy takes out a pen looking as if he's taking notes, seeing this Mr.Wu smiles handing the boy a can of soda where the boy uses the 'pen' which is now a needle to drug Mr.Wu. Making you think why would he do this to his ''friends'' dad?After the drug has taken full effect he calls for help, where a bodyguard tells him 'it's family business' he asks for his bag and leaves. Making the reader think is there more than meets the eye?
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0 # Laura B 2014-10-12 18:56
the first chapter of this book is very engaging, after the first chapter it just makes you want to read more, it is a unusual plot line which works very well surprisingly! not like anything I've read before, personally i think i would not like it but personally i do. there is a twist throughout the chapter, 'Jack Wu' leaves the room and the boy is left with Jack's dad 'Chen Wu'. Mr. Wu offers the boy a drink, He agrees. Half way through a conversation they are having, the boy takes out a pen, Mr. Wu asks if he is taking notes, which earns a smile. When Chen isn't looking the boy transforms the 'ordinary' pen to a needle and as Mr. Wu hands the boy a soda he jabs him in the arm. He reacts after the jab before falling unconscious. when he talks about 'trust' t makes you realise he wasn't a friend, the quotation about trust some readers like me can relate to which makes you want to read more, in conclusion i am thinking of buying the book :)
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0 # CarysAlexander 2014-10-12 18:13
The first chapter starts off with a boy celebrating a baseball game, he is then approached by his 'friend' Jack Wu, who is very rich. Jack invites the boy to his home and he agrees. When they get inside Jack's father Chen Wu, a very important CEO greets them. Jack goes upstairs for something and Mr. Wu offers the boy a drink, he agrees and the start talking about baseball, while Mr. Wu is leading him into the kitchen the boy notices a knife is missing, he finds this strange but quickly notes it is in the sink. The boy sits down and takes out a 'pen'. Jack's father asks if the boy is taking notes, he smiles at the man. Mr. Wu approaches the boy with a soda and the 'pen' is quickly transformed into a needle and Chen is placed quietly onto the floor.The boy screams for help. Everyone comes rushing into the kitchen.The last time he see's Jack is when he is hunched over on his sofa. The last line suggests the boy feels guilty and that is where the chapter ends.
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0 # elysia evans 2014-10-12 16:25
I don't usually read these types of books but after reading the first chapter, I enjoyed it more than I thought. I was engaged throughout the story, especially because you don't know the mysterious character telling the story, i think that is very interesting. You later meet the main characters best friend Jack whose father is very wealthy as he is a CEO at a high tech firm. Jack has a bodyguard which the main character calls "the suit" he stays with Jack throughout the chapter. Later on in the chapter they go back to Jacks house and you meet his father, who seems very nice but doesn't seem to be bothered in Jacks school activities. In the last few paragraphs tension is well built and the paragraphs are throughout out very well. The first chapter makes you want to read more as there is unanswered questions on the characters and the plot but overall the chapter is extremely engaging and i would like to find out what happens in the next chapter and throughout the book.
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+1 # Hannah K 2014-10-12 14:14
I found the first chapter of ‘The Hit’ very engaging and exciting. Even just after the first paragraph, you are left wondering why the protagonist (whose name has not yet been revealed) is trying to mimic the thoughts and actions of those around him. This is a constant theme throughout the chapter as he continues to make an effort to act as expected towards his friend Jack, with the phrase ‘When in doubt, emulate’ repeated throughout the chapter. As you read the chapter you are constantly engaged as this boy is observing both the space and atmosphere so he can figure out his next move, but still maintains a quick pace. There is also a sudden change in mood as the boy quickly kills Jack’s Dad whilst leaving no traces, leaving the reader in awe. Overall, I think that the first chapter of ‘The Hit’ is well thought out and is a start to an exciting and thrilling plot which I would thoroughly enjoy reading.
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0 # Lauren c 2014-10-10 10:47
The fist chapter of 'The Hit' is very interesting as it uses a very unique story line, a boy of sixteen gets invited over a wealthy friends house, There seems to be a twist when his friend 'Jack Wu' leaves the room and the boy is left with Jack's dad 'Chen Wu'. Mr. Wu offers the boy a drink, He agrees. Half way through a conversation they are having, the boy takes out a pen, Mr. Wu asks if he is taking notes, which earns a smile. When Chen isn't looking the boy transforms the 'ordinary' pen to a needle and as Mr. Wu hands the boy a soda he jabs him in the arm. He reacts after the jab before falling unconscious. He covers it up by running for help. When he says ' I trusted you Jack said, that was your mistake I think' makes you realise that maybe he wasn't there as just a friend. 'Jack on the sofa, his back hunched, his head almost to his knees. A profile of grief. All because of me.' This part makes you realise that there is definitely more to this than what meets the eye.
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0 # Chloe higgins 2014-10-09 20:41
After reading the first chapter of "The Hit" I was intrigued and wanted to read more. As the chapter begun, you questioned who the character narrating the story was, it makes you think what type of person they are, which i personally think makes the story very interesting as you have to read the story in a different way. Meeting the characters best friend Jack showed their friendship was a strong one and they were real good friends. As the story plays out, the writer tells you how wealthy Jack is as his dad is a CEO in a high tech firm, which you later discover their house is packed with security and is very safe. As the chapter comes to an end, the writer makes you think and question the main character, as tension is built through description and dramatic sentences. As you don't know much about the main character it makes you wonder how he will play out to be throughout the story. I recommend this story, even after reading one chapter as it was gripping right from the beginning.
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0 # Alysha B 2014-10-09 17:42
The first chapter of the hit leaves you wanting more. The innocent beginning leads you into thinking the mysterious boy and jack are just normal friends, although jack's father is extremely wealthy, and provides jack with security where ever he is. This leaves the reader questioning why Mr. Wu, jacks father, feels the need to provide his home and family with so much security. Are they hiding something? As you get towards then end of chapter one, the story changes dramatically, engaging the reader, leaving more questions. Who is this boy? Is he good or bad? What's his goal? Over all I thoroughly enjoyed the first chapter of 'The Hit' and would definitely suggest it to friends and family.
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0 # Morgan H 2014-10-08 18:37

The first chapter of 'the hit' starts by introducing the main character and his friend jack, leaving the reader to question the main characters name, which i think will play out interesting later in the story.
After finishing his baseball game our main character has a friendly conversastion with his 'best friend' jack, the writer has created a clearly strong friendship between the two as you can believe that the two characters are good friends and does not feel forced or fake.You discover that jack is very wealthy(as his father is a CEO of high tech firm) and has his own bodyguard or 'suit' as the main character calls him.
The feeling that jack has no or little friends which is probably due to his father being such a big name in the world, despite this he trusts the main the character very strongly.The final paragraph raises many questions leaving you wonder is our character an antagonist or protagonist? Overall i loved it
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0 # Chloe fritter 2014-10-08 14:46
The first chapter of this thrilling book is extremely engaging, it leaves you with many questions and makes you wonder what will happen next. You aren't fully introduced to the main characters, for example you don't know the name of Jacks friend (the one telling the story)but I think that is intentionally done for the purpose of personally imaging the characters with little information given. The first paragraph wasn't as engaging as some of the books I've read but it did give you an idea of the situation the characters are in. I like the way the title of the chapters was a sentence to do with what was happening at that moment in time. The description used to describe the leather in the Mercedes was very detailed and made me clearly picture the car they were in. The descriptive words used throughout the chapter were very good. I loved the tension building up throughout the last few paragraphs. The varying sentence structures dramatically adds to the tension. I loved this book so far !
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0 # Chloe Dymond 2014-10-07 19:46
Having read the first chapter of 'The Hit' I thoroughly enjoyed it. You are introduced to the main character, Boy Nobody, and his friend Jack Wu, who's father is scarily rich! It comes across as though Jack doesn't have many friends (due to his fathers status) and only sees Boy as a true friend who he can trust, and so invites him back to his home after they've won the baseball match...before it all goes horribly wrong! I really liked the part where Boy described the leather seats of the Mercedes (which Jack's bodyguard escorts them in) as I felt he come across as a real person the way he described how they smelt and how inviting they looked. Also I enjoyed the last paragraph where the tension and suspense builds and leaves you totally surprised by the outcome of what happens! At the start I felt as though I wasn't going to enjoy it but as I read on, the story started to grip me and I wanted to carry on turning the pages because of the way it kept you guessing. A must-read book!
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0 # Matthew Hooper 2014-10-09 17:49
Surprising! After reading the first section of 'The Hit' I was left awestruck. From looking at the cover I was quite intrigued and ready to dive into this sinister seeming novel. However, the lack of interesting vocabulary left me feeling dry and uninterested. Also during the first section, I felt that the storyline moved rapidly, causing it to lose its flow and tension.
On the other hand, the sudden switch of atmosphere in the final few paragraphs swayed my opinion. The abrupt and unexpected chapter ending grabbed hold of my attention greatly and made me begin to wonder what happens next...
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